Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Draft Corporate Strategy15/06/2021For DeterminationNot before 16/09/2021
Off-Street Parking Order Amendment15/06/2021For DeterminationNot before 08/07/2021
Public Space Protection Orders: Alcohol15/06/2021For DeterminationNot before 08/07/2021
Write Off Report for Quarters 1 and 207/05/2021For DeterminationNot before 14/10/2021
Community Housing Projects Update07/05/2021For DeterminationNot before 14/10/2021
Medium Term Financial Strategy for the five years 2022/23 to 2026/2707/05/2021For DeterminationNot before 16/09/2021
Regeneration and Investment Strategy07/05/2021For DeterminationNot before 16/09/2021 To consider a report that presents a draft Regeneration and Investment Strategy.
Annual Report26/03/2021For DeterminationNot before 08/07/2021
Leisure Update26/03/2021For DeterminationNot before 14/10/2021
Section 106 Agreement Expenditure26/03/2021For DeterminationNot before 16/09/2021
Draft Corporate Strategy26/03/2021For DeterminationNot before 08/07/2021
Development Management / Planning Enforcement Service Review26/03/2021For DeterminationNot before 16/09/2021
Improving Biodiversity Through Effective Grounds Maintenance05/11/2020For DeterminationNot before 08/07/2021