Committee details

South Hams Audit and Governance (Hearing) Sub Committee

Purpose of committee

The Audit and Governance (Hearing) Sub Committee meets on an ad-hoc basis to consider complaints against District, Town and Parish Councillors.


Meetings of the consist of three members of the Sub Committee, the Chairman of the Council and the Vice Chairman. All of these councillors have received specialist training from the Council’s monitoring officer.


The Sub Committee meets on an ad-hoc basis, as and when required. It is convened to consider complaints which relate to alleged breaches of the Member’s Code of Conduct by South Hams District Councillors, and/or Town and Parish Councillors in the South Hams.


For more information about complaints under the Code of Conduct, or to see the Code itself, please see the Standards Complaints page.


Contact information

Support officer: Democratic.Services Email: