Agenda item

Reports of Bodies

to receive and as may be necessary approve the minutes and recommendations of the under-mentioned Bodies:

(* Indicates minutes containing recommendations to Council)



That the minutes and recommendations of the undermentioned bodies be received and approved subject to any amendments listed below:-.


(a) Development Management Committee - 28 June 2023


(b) Executive - 28 June 2023


(c) Audit & Governance Committee - 6 July 2023


(d) Overview & Scrutiny Committee - 20 July 2023


(e) Development Management Committee - 26 July 2023


(f) Audit & Governance Committee - 27 July 2023


(g) Licensing Committee - 31 August 2023


(h) Executive - 21 September 2023


E.22/23 Supporting Our Care Leavers: Council Tax

Members noted that this recommendation had already been considered at agenda item 6 (Minute 27/23 above refers).



E.28/23 Review of Capital Programme (Capital Programme Monitoring) and Review of Earmarked Reserves

Specifically with regard to the Shadycombe Car Park proposals, a local Ward Member stated the consequent economic benefits that would be generated.  It was therefore his hope that a fully costed proposal would be brought back to Members in due course.


It was then:




1)   That the following three capital projects be withdrawn from the current Capital Programme: Whitestrand Replacement of Toilets and Showers (£659,993); the Currently Unallocated Residual Housing Capital Budget (£85,157) and the Contingency Capital Budget (£268,184). (NB. this would free up capital resources of £1.013m, which is potentially available for future corporate priorities and can be re-purposed);


2)   That Shadycombe Car Park and Sherford Commercial Land Acquisition be withdrawn from the Capital Programme and it be noted that this would not free up any capital resources;


3)   That all other capital projects, be progressed in line with the existing capital projects within the overall Capital Programme;


4)   That the content of the Capital Programme Monitoring Report (as set out in Appendix B of the published agenda report) be noted which highlighted current expenditure on capital projects between April 2023 and July 2023 of £1.400m, being 13% of the profiled budget for 2023/24 (the first four months of the financial year); and


5)   That the outcome of the review of revenue reserves be approved, releasing revenue reserves of up to £1.541m which were potentially available to support the delivery of the emerging Corporate Strategy.

Supporting documents: