Agenda item

Draft 2023/24 Revenue and Capital Budget Proposals


CM 66/22         

The Council was presented with a report that outlined the recommendations of the Hub Committee in respect of a series of draft revenue and capital budget proposals for 2023/24 (Minute HC.75/22 refers).


In discussion, the following points were raised:


a)   Some Members who had previously been opposed to the proposed increase in annual subscription for the Garden Waste Service indicated that, as the increase was a cost recovery measure, needed to cover the cost of providing the service, they were now minded to support the proposal;


b)   Whilst expressing his regret over the need to increase Council Tax, a Member indicated that he considered this to be a measured and prudent set of budget proposals.


It was then moved by Cllr N Jory, seconded by Cllr C Edmonds and, in line with statutory requirements, a recorded vote was then undertaken on the substantive motion.  The voting was recorded as follows:


For the motion (28):- Cllrs Ball, Blackman, Bridgewater, Cheadle, Crozier, Daniel, Davies, Edmonds, Ewings, Heyworth, Jory, Kemp, Kimber, Leech, Moody, Mott, Moyse, Ratcliffe, Renders, Ridgers, Samuel, Sellis, Southcott, Spettigue, Turnbull, Vachon, Wood and Yelland.


Against the motion (0).


Abstentions (0).


Absent (3):  Cllrs Bolton, Coulson and Pearce.


and it was therefore declared CARRIED and “RESOLVED that:


i)     approval be given to an increase in Council Tax for 2023/24 of £7.37 (a 2.99% increase).  This equated to a Band D Council Tax of £254.00 for 2023/24 (which is an increase of 14 pence per week or £7.37 per year). This equated to a Council Tax Requirement of £5,391,371;


ii)    the financial pressures (as shown in Appendix A of the presented agenda report) of £1,928,800 be approved;


iii)    the net contributions to/(from) Earmarked Reserves of £(45,567) (as shown in Appendix A of the presented agenda report), including the proposed use of £150,000 from the Business Rates Retention Earmarked Reserve as set out in section 3.17 of the presented agenda report be approved;


iv)   the proposed use of £150,000 of New Homes Bonus funding in 2023/24 to fund the Revenue Base Budget (as set out in section 3.22 of the presented agenda report), and the proposed allocation of £78,500 of New Homes Bonus funding to the Dartmoor National Park Authority (as set out in section 3.23 of the presented agenda report) be approved;


v)    the savings of £1,110,500 (as shown in Appendix A of the presented agenda report) be approved;


vi)   the Total Net Expenditure of the Council for 2023/24 be set at £8,587,995 (as shown in Appendix B of the presented agenda report);


vii) a garden waste subscription annual charge of £52 from April 2023 be approved (as set out in section 5.3 and Appendix G of the presented agenda report);


viii) the proposed Capital Programme Proposals for 2023/24 of £910,000 and the proposed financing of the Capital Programme (as set out in Appendix D of the presented agenda report) (being £700,000 from the Better Care Fund funding from Devon County Council, £160,000 from NHB funding and £50,000 revenue funding from the Vehicles and Plant Earmarked Reserve) be approved;


ix)   Unearmarked Reserves should continue to have a minimum level of £900,000 (as set in the Medium Term Financial Strategy in September 2022), but an operating level of a minimum of £1.25million;


x)    in line with the requirements of Part 2 of the Local Government Act 2003,  the level of reserves as set out within the presented agenda report and the assessment of their adequacy and the robustness of budget estimates be noted;


xi)   with effect from 31 March 2023, the Servaco dormant company which the Council jointly owns with South Hams District Council, be closed down.”



Supporting documents: