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South Hams Council Tax Setting Committee - Thursday, 23rd February, 2017 2.00 pm

Venue: Cary Room - Follaton House. View directions

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Declarations of Interest

Members are invited to declare any personal or disclosable pecuniary interests, including the nature and extent of such interests they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting.


[If Councillors have any questions relating to predetermination, bias or interests in items on this Agenda, then please contact the Monitoring Officer in advance of the meeting]      




Members were invited to declare any interests in the items of business to be considered during the course of the meeting but none was made.





Council Tax Resolution 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 70 KB

Report of COP Lead Specialist Finance

Additional documents:



Consideration was given to a report that calculated and set out the Council Tax for 2017/18, having taken into account the precepts as notified from Devon County Council, Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority, and the Town and Parish Councils. 


Members considered the detail of the report and the COP Lead Finance brought the key elements to Members attention.


During discussion, one Member raised concerns over variations in town and parish council precepts.  Whilst the District Council had no control over the setting of town and parish council precepts, he found the significant variations difficult to accept.


It was then:




1.     That it be noted that in December 2016 the Senior Leadership Team, under delegated authority from full Council, approved the Council Tax Base for the year 2017/18


(a)        for the whole Council area as 37,379.62 in accordance with regulation 3 of the Local Authorities (Calculation of Council Tax Base)(England) Regulations 2012; and

(b)        for dwellings in those parts of its area towhich a Parish

Precept relates in accordance with regulation 6 of the Local Authorities (Calculation of Council Tax Base)(England) Regulations 2012 (Appendix A)

2.        That the Council Tax requirement for South Hams District Council’s own purposes for 2017/18 (excluding Parish precepts) is calculated at £5,809,541 (Appendix B).

3.        That the following amounts are calculated by the Council for the year 2017/18 in accordance with Sections 31 to 36 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 and the Localism Act 2011 (Appendix B):

(a) £44,035,623





(b) £36,130,587




(c) £7,905,036






(d) 211.48





(e) £2,095,495 





(f) £155.42




being the aggregate of the amounts which the Council estimates for the items set out in Section 31A (2) of the Act taking into account all precepts issued to it by Parish/Town Councils (Gross expenditure including parish precepts).


being the aggregate of the amounts which the Council estimates for the items set out in Section 31A (3) of the Act (Total income including formula grant and council tax surplus).


being the amount by which the aggregate at 3(a) above exceeds the aggregate at 3(b) above, calculated by the Council in accordance with Section 31A (4) of the Act as its Council Tax requirement for the year (Item R in the formula in Section 31B of the Act) (Council tax requirement including parish precepts).


being the amount at 3(c) above (Item R), all divided by the council tax base (1(a) above) in accordance with Section 31B of the Act, as the basic amount of its Council Tax for the year (Average band D council tax for South Hams District Council and parishes).


being the aggregate amount of all special items (Parish Precepts), referred to in Section 34(1) of the Act (as per the attached Appendix C – Parish Precepts).


being the amount at 3(d) above less the result given by dividing the amount at 3(e) by the Council tax base (1(a) above), calculated by the Council, in accordance with Section 34(2) of the  ...  view the full minutes text for item CTSP.2/16