EVENT (* All sessions will be held in the Council Chamber, Kilworthy Park, Tavistock unless stated otherwise)







Thursday, 4 May 2023


Thursday, 4 May – Friday, 5 May



Election Polling Day


Election Verification and Count


(NB. officers in attendance at the count will have copies of the Induction Programme available to hand out to successful candidates.)







Tuesday, 9 May – 10.00am to 1.00pm


















1.00pm to 2.00pm


2.00pm to 3.30pm

















Friday, 12 May (am)

10.00am – 12.30pm


Mandatory session for all Members to attend any time between 10.00am and 1.00pm (please ensure that you allow at least one hour before 1.00pm for this process) (in the Council Chamber unless stated otherwise)

  • Sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office (Meeting Room 1);
  • Through a series of workstations to issue: FAQ handbook / security pass / Member Profile form (including contact details) / opportunity to clarify details relating to the Induction Programme / Register of Interests form / Payroll forms / Business Card requests / establish bank account details; management structure; officer contact details; Council organisational structure; introduce officer navigator and/or Member Buddy;
  • Media Workstation;
  • Brief Tour of Kilworthy Park;
  • Issue IT device and handbook (**for newly elected Members only**) (to include email etiquette, IT security guidance and Expense Claims) (Meeting Room 2); and
  • Individual Photographs.


All Member lunch with SLT: Welcome and Introductions


West Devon – Setting the Scene

(to include introductions to the Senior Leadership Team and Heads of Service and pertinent significant corporate issues ((e.g. Relationship with South Hams District Council, Dartmoor National Park Authority, ‘A Plan for West Devon’ Corporate Strategy; Housing Crisis; Climate and Biodiversity Emergency and future challenges faced with there being an opportunity at each juncture for Member questions.))


How the Council Works

(to include:

  • Council structure, governance arrangements (including decision making responsibilities), Meeting Procedures and Council Reports;
  • Introduction to the role of the Hub, Overview and Scrutiny, Development Management & Licensing and Audit & Governance Committees;
  • Finance, Budget Setting and External Auditors; and
  • Code of Conduct.)


In person IT Training: to include MS TEAMS, Outlook, Modern.Gov, ITrent (HR Self Service) and Chamber Audio/Visual






















Strategic Leadership Team (SLT)












SLT, Monitoring Officer, S151 Officer, Democratic Services







Member IT Officer









Tuesday, 16 May (am)








Tuesday, 16 May (pm)












Friday, 19 May




The Planning Process (Part 1) (NB: newly elected Members will have to attend both of these sessions before they can take part in the planning decision-making process)

(to include:

  • Setting decisions in a policy context – the National Planning Policy Framework, Joint Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans.)



The Planning Process (Part 2)

(to include:

  • What is ‘development’ and what applications do we receive?
  • What is meant by pre-application?
  • Material Planning Considerations;
  • Planning Enforcement
  • The role of the Ward Member and the role and workings of the Development Management and Licensing Committee (incl. Site Inspections and Licensing Sub-Committees);
  • The appeal process and awards of costs; and
  • Tree Preservation Orders.)


(NB: Publication and Circulation to Members of the Annual Council Summons)



Strategic Planning Manager (JLP), Development Management and Legal Officers







Development Management, Licensing, Legal and Democratic Services Specialists




Tuesday, 23 May

10.00am – 11.30am



11.30am – 12.30pm


1.15pm – 2.00pm





2.00pm – 4.00pm





Training Session to include: Media Skills (including Social Media); Meeting Discipline and Council Procedure Rules


Member Code of Conduct


Community Leadership Role – to include relationship with local Town and Parish Councils and the Council’s Locality Service




IT Security, General Data Protection Regulation, Equality and Diversity, Freedom of Information, Business Continuity and Health and Safety (to include lone working) (NB: interactive session to include case studies and good and bad practice)






Communications, Democratic Services and Monitoring Officer


Monitoring Officer


Assistant Director – Organisational Development; Democratic Services and serving Town Council Clerk


Head of Organisational Development; Corporate Risk and Information Officer; Head of Environmental Health, Principal IT Security Officer and Head of Housing




Tuesday, 30 May:

8.30 am – 9.00 am



9.00 am – 10.30 am


11.00 am



On the rising of Annual Council





Wednesday, 31 May:






Mayors Briefing for Annual Council (NB. the Briefing Notes will be sent to all Members for information purposes)


Political Group Meetings


ANNUAL COUNCIL MEETING (NB. this is the meeting during which appointments to Council Bodies will be considered)



Member Group Photo (followed by Council lunch)


Hub Committee Agenda Briefing (for Hub Committee Members only via MS TEAMS)


Safeguarding Training – Joint Session with SHDC




Democratic Services





Democratic Services




Design Specialist





Head of Housing (supported by an External Trainer)



Informal Council session (current major projects etc led by Hub leads following Annual Council appointments)


DM+L Committee – agenda briefing, Mock Committee Meeting, site inspections, meeting itself and current applications awaiting determination.


Audit & Governance Committee Member Workshop (before first Committee meeting) – to include Grant Thornton sponsored Treasury Management Training; Budget Book; Annual Governance Statement; and Risk Management.


Hub Committee – draft agenda briefing (two weeks before the meeting itself).


Audit & Governance Committee Member Workshop (before first Committee meeting) – to include Grant Thornton sponsored Treasury Management Training; Budget Book; Annual Governance Statement; Risk Management; and Dealing with Member Code of Conduct complaints.


Overview and Scrutiny Training – setting a Work Programme; relationship with the Hub Committee; adding value; questioning skills






Leadership Academy Training – for Leader and Deputy Leader initially followed by lead Hub Members;


Chairing Skills – External Trainer


Governance Training


Tour of the Borough


The Medium Term Financial Strategy and Setting a Balanced Budget


Planning Enforcement Meetings with local Ward Members


Member Briefings: The Revenue and Benefits Service and Assets Projects


July DM+L Committee meeting date – World Heritage Site training afterwards