Report to:

Overview and Scrutiny Committee


21 March 2023


A Plan for West Devon Thematic Update: Improving Homes 

Portfolio Area:

Cllr Barry Ratcliffe    

Lead Member for Improving Homes

Wards Affected:


Urgent Decision:

  N         Approval and                              N 

clearance obtained:

Date next steps can be taken:                                    


Author: Isabel Blake Role:                     Head of Housing 




That Overview and Scrutiny Committee note the progress in delivering against the Plan for West Devon ‘Improving Homes Thematic Delivery Plan.


1.    Executive summary 

1.1 The Council adopted the Plan for West Devon in September 2021, alongside detailed Thematic Delivery Plans for each priority area. 

1.2 This report provides the thematic update on the Improving Homes strand of the Plan for West Devon.


2.  Thematic Update Report 

2.1 The Performance Management Framework included with the Plan for West Devon strategy commits that Overview and Scrutiny will receive a thematic update at each meeting in order to consider the progress against the agreed Thematic Delivery Plans. 

2.2 The Improving Homes Thematic Update report is set out as Appendix A to this report.

2.3 This is the second thematic update for Homes considered by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee – the previous report being considered in April 2022.


3.  Next Steps 

3.1 Progress against the Thematic Delivery Plan will continue to be regularly monitored by the Hub Lead for Improving Homes, through monthly meetings with the lead officer.

Highlights will also be provided in the quarterly Integrated Performance Management Report considered by the Hub.

3.2 Following consideration by Overview and Scrutiny, the progress report will be published on the Councils strategy reporting pages as a public record of progress. 


4.  Implications 



Relevant  to  proposals  Y/N 

Details and proposed measures to address 




Providing performance updates in respect of our strategic priorities contributes to Principle F of the CIPFA Delivering Good Governance in Local Government Framework. This principle is about managing risks and performance through robust internal control and strong public financial management.  

Financial implications to include reference to value for




This report does provide updates in respect of financial information but does not make any recommendations or lead to any financial implications not considered by other committees.  




The thematic update report considers the key risks for the Council in delivering each action within the Plan for West Devon delivery plan. 






Improving Homes  

Climate Change -

Carbon /




The appendix includes an overview of progress in respect of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards  

Comprehensive Impact Assessment Implications

Equality and




No direct implications   




No direct implications   

Community Safety, Crime and Disorder


No direct implications 


Health, Safety and Wellbeing


No direct implications  

Other implications





Supporting Information



Appendix A – Thematic Update Report Improving Homes


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