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2 March 2023


Better Lives for All – Year 3 Updates

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Cllr Judy Pearce – Leader

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Neil Hawke



Assistant Director Strategy & OD  





That Executive RECOMMEND to Council to approve the minor amendments to the Year 3 Better Lives for All delivery plans as set out in Appendix A  

1.   Executive summary


1.1        South Hams District Council (SHDC) adopted its Better Lives for All Strategy in September 2021 along with three year detailed delivery plans.

1.2        Progress against these plans has been monitored through Thematic updates to Overview and Scrutiny and Quarterly Integrated Performance Management reports to Executive.

1.3        As we are now at the end of the second year delivery plans, there is an opportunity to make minor amendments to the plan to reflect changes to specific actions in the plan.

1.4        This report sets out an updated year 3 delivery plan for the Strategy (Appendix A).

2.   Background

2.1        In September 2021, Council adopted its Better Lives for All strategy setting its ambitions for the South Hams area and for its services.

2.2        The strategy is underpinned by detailed ‘Thematic Delivery Plans’. This plan sets out the key deliverables for the years 2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24.

2.3        Ensuring that the 2023/24 delivery plans are updated means that following the local elections in May 2023, Council has sufficient time to consider any revisions to its priorities for the next 4 years. This approach of ensuring a 12 month cross over of Council term ensures that we are always delivering on activities aligned to a Council approved strategy.

2.4        There have been many changes to the Councils operating environment since September 2021 and Council have considered a number of matters which result in minor amendments to the delivery plan including:-

·         Securing UK Shared Prosperity funding

·         Responding to the Cost of Living crisis

·         Adapting support to offer safe homes to Ukrainians

2.5        All of these matters have been the subject to reports and agreed recommendations to Council.

2.6        Where there have been delays to projects in 2021/22, it is important that these actions are carried forward to 2022/23 to ensure that they continue. These are clearly highlighted in the Year 3 delivery plan.

3.   Recommendations

3.1        It is recommended that Executive consider the updated delivery plans as set out in Appendix A to this report for Year 3 of the Better Lives for All Corporate Strategy and recommend adoption by Council.

4.   Implications




Details and proposed measures to address





The Better Lives for All Strategy has been adopted by Council as our strategic guiding document. As such, ensuring that Council consider the minor amendments is required.


Financial implications to include reference to value for money



This report does not have any budget requirements outside of the approved council budget.




The risk arises in not agreeing the Year 3 delivery plan.




Comprehensive Impact Assessment Implications


Supporting Corporate Strategy




Equality and Diversity



No direct implications 





No direct implications 


Community Safety, Crime and Disorder



No direct implications 



Health, Safety and Wellbeing


No direct implications 


Other implications


No direct implications





Appendix A – Better Lives for All - Year 3 Delivery Plan