Report to:



2 March 2023


Off-Street Parking Order Amendment

Portfolio Area:

Environment Services (Cllr Keith Baldry)

Wards Affected:


Urgent Decision:


Approval and clearance obtained:


Date next steps can be taken:  After the call in period has expired – 5.00pm on Monday, 13 March 2023





Emma Widdicombe


Principal Assets Officer





That the Executive is RECOMMENDED to:


1.    Authorise the Head of Assets to publish notice of proposals for the South Hams District Council (Off-Street Parking Places) (Variation No.1) Order 2022; the amendments to be made to be:

        1.1      A new car park to be named as Dartmouth Health Hub              car park and incorporated into the Order;

        1.2      Introduce pay & display charges at the Dartmouth                      Health Hub car park in accordance with Appendix A;

        1.3      Amend the pay and display charges in Dartmouth Park             & Ride car park in accordance with Appendix B; and

        1.4      Introduce Dartmouth Health Hub Reserved Parking                     Permit for Health Hub staff use (staff & authorised                              visitors to be administered by NHS); and

2.      Request the Head of Assets to prepare a subsequent report     summarising any representations received in response to the notice of proposals for consideration by the Executive     before making a decision to make the off-street parking      places order as proposed or with modifications.


1.   Executive Summary


1.1     At the meeting of the Executive on 18th July 2019, it was agreed to support the delivery of a Health and Wellbeing Hub in Dartmouth.


1.2     The project is now near to completion and this report requests Members consider the recommendation to introduce pay & display charges in the new Dartmouth Health Hub car park in accordance with Appendix A.


1.3     This report also requests Members consider the following recommendations to:

                           I.        Amend the parking charges in accordance with Appendix B at Dartmouth Park & Ride in the low season (1st November-24th March)

                         II.        Introduce a Dartmouth Health Hub reserved permit for Health Hub staff only


1.4     The recommendations will enable the Council to continue to manage off-street parking in an efficient and effective manner.


1.5     Without these updates to the Off Street Parking Places Order, enforcement will not be possible in respect of the additions and changes to the Parking Order.



2.   Background


2.1      The Council approved funding for the construction of the Dartmouth Health and Wellbeing Hub (E16/19) to be located on Council land in July 2019.


2.2      This project is now nearing completion and it is anticipated the centre will open in early Summer 2023.


2.3      The key outcomes of the Health and Wellbeing Hub project were to provide:

·         A modern GP facility with capacity to expand

·         Space for the provision of services from the NHS Trust and Dartmouth Caring

·         Good access for the population of Dartmouth and the surrounding parishes

·         Convenient car parking for those travelling by car and the most convenient location for those using public transport




2.4      The development is located on the existing park and ride overflow site, which as a field had approximate capacity of 120 cars (depending on how well they parked and surface conditions).


2.5      As part of the Health Hub project, capital funds were allocated to upgrade the existing overflow car park to provide a tarmacadam finish, with appropriate drainage, signage and white lining.


2.6      Upgrading and formalising the existing overflow car park will allow the facility to be utilised more efficiently and no longer be impacted by adverse weather conditions which, at times, made parking impossible.


2.7      The Dartmouth Health Hub car park car park will provide 140 parking spaces made up of:

·         Disabled Parking bays

·         Electric Charging bays

·         Reserved Health Hub bays

·         Pay & Display bays

·         Motorcycle bays



3. Outcomes


          Dartmouth Health Hub


3.1        The overflow car park will be renamed ‘Dartmouth Health Hub Car Park’.  See Appendix C


3.2        The Transport Statement supporting the planning application states 162 expected vehicle trips per day to the Health Hub.  It is therefore expected there will be approximately 42120 trips to the Health Hub per annum.


3.3        To ensure there is a consistent turnover of vehicles within the car park, thereby supporting the use of the Health Hub, it is proposed the Dartmouth Health Hub car park be a short stay car park.  Therefore, the maximum permitted stay will be three hours with no return within two hours. 


3.4        The proposed charging period will be from 8am until 6pm and the proposed tariff is detailed in Appendix A


3.5        Within the car park there will be 24 reserved bays reserved for the medical centre only.  Reserved Dartmouth Health Hub permits will be issued for use within the individual reserved bays (any agreed additional Health Hub permits to be charged in accordance with the existing District wide permit pricing policy).






Dartmouth Park and Ride


3.6        Dartmouth Park & Ride bus service does not operate between 1st  November to 24th March annually.  During this period parking is currently free.


3.7        To ensure parking charges are consistent across the site, it is proposed parking charges are introduced during the low season in the Park & Ride car park. The proposed tariff will be consistent with the Dartmouth Health Hub tariff proposed, as detailed in Appendix D


3.8        However, long stay parking will remain available within the Park & Ride car park, with short stay applying to the Health Hub car park only.



4. Options available and consideration of risk


4.1        A 21 day public consultation will be undertaken following the meeting.


4.2        The Council must ensure the Off-Street Parking Orders are amended with the new Regulations to ensure we can continue to enforce parking restrictions by law.


4.3      During the consultation period, customers who wish to object to or comment on recommendations will have the opportunity to do so. Objections will be considered prior to implementation of any changes.


5.  Proposed Way Forward


5.1      The proposed amendments to the Off-Street Parking Places Order proceed in accordance with the recommendations.


5.2      The parking charges and car park operations will continue to be reviewed to ensure the parking tariffs and operations suit the needs of the medical centre and the park & ride operation


5.3      Should the Recommendations be accepted, the following steps will occur:


a.    21 day consultation commence (March 2023) to which customers will be alerted by notice in the local press, on the Council’s website and in all affected car parks. 

This will allow customers to make comments on and/or objections to the proposals, should they wish to do so. 

b.    All objections will be considered and referred to the Executive for further consideration if necessary,

c.    Otherwise, the detailed implementation of the recommendations should be delegated to the Head of Assets in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for car parking for implementation.


5.4      The delivery of the Dartmouth Health Hub and infrastructure improvements are key actions in the Better Lives for All Thematic Delivery Plan (Action CW1.2 and TE1.8 respectively).  Regulation of the car park ensures that parking is made available on a basis that should ensure that parking is available for those wishing to use the Hub.  The provision of electric charging points in the car park contributes Action AM1.5 of the Thematic Delivery Plan.



6. Implications




Details and proposed measures to address




The Council has power to provide and to regulate off-street car parks under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984  The Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996 set out the procedures to be followed before and after making any order regulating the use of car parks.



Financial implications to include reference to value for money




The difference between the income and expenditure on Off Street Car Parking is used to support costs associated with the operation and maintenance of parking services, its infrastructure and the maintenance of off street car parks. 



The Regulations must be amended to ensure we can continue to enforce parking contraventions

That if the Council does not amend the existing off-street parking places orders it may have difficulties in taking enforcement action against drivers who park in a hazardous manner or otherwise misuse a car park.

There is a risk that a significant number of objections to the proposals may be received, which would postpone any implementation, as the objections would have to be considered by the Executive ahead of any changes.



Supporting Corporate Strategy


See paragraph 5.4 of the report


Climate Change - Carbon / Biodiversity Impact






Comprehensive Impact Assessment Implications

Equality and Diversity



No implications.





No implications. 

Community Safety, Crime and Disorder


No implications.


Health, Safety and Wellbeing


No implications.

Other implications


None at this stage.



Supporting Information


Appendix A – Pay & Display Charges Dartmouth Health Hub

Appendix B  - Pay & Display Charges Dartmouth Park & Ride (1 November to 24th March)

Appendix C – Map of Dartmouth Health Hub

Appendix D – Permit Schedule

Appendix E – Map of Dartmouth Park & Ride  


Background Papers: