Proposed Workplan for the Audit & Governance Committee for the 2022/23 Financial Year


Committee Meeting Date

Agenda Items

22 November 2022

i)            Grant Thornton Report: Accounts – Audit Findings for West Devon Borough Council

ii)           Audited Annual Statement of Accounts 2021/22 and Audited Annual Governance  

    Statement 2021/22;

iii)        Internal Audit Progress report 2022/23

iv)        Ombudsman report

v)          Reserves as at 31.3.2022


24 January 2023

i)             Grant Thornton update report

ii)            Update on Progress on the 2022/23 Internal Audit Plan;

iii)          Treasury Management Mid Year report 2022/23

iv)          Strategic Risk Update;


14 March 2023

i)             Grant Thornton – External Audit Plan 2022/23

ii)            Grant Thornton Update Report;

iii)          Grant Thornton Report: Auditor’s Annual Report for 2021/22

iv)          Grant Thornton – Informing the Risk Assessment for 2022/23 (Planning for the 2022/23 Accounts);

v)            2023/24 Internal Audit Plan;

vi)          2023/24 Capital Strategy, 2023/24 Investment Strategy and 2023/24 Treasury Management Strategy;

vii)         Draft Budget Book 2023/24;

viii)        Cost Methodology for Shared Services 2022/23;

ix)          Update on Progress on the 2022/23 Internal Audit Plan;

x)            Strategic Debt update;