South Hams Taxi Tariff Change Consultation Summary

13 responses were received within the consultation period.

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Officer Comments and recommendations


Numerous responses made reference to the use of a percentage increase leading to a proposed fare increase in pence as opposed to rounding up or down to the nearest 5p or 10p. This in the opinion of numerous respondents would be more complex to programme on the meter and would mean they have to carry more change.





In order to charge full fare on meter, drivers will now have to carry 1p's, 2p's and 5p's in addition to regular coinage. This is impractical and will simply lead to driver operators to round down to nearest 10p and subsequently, over a period of time, reduce potential takings.

Using percentages as an increase forces us into using pennies on the charges… Looking at the proposed chart for charges, would it not have been much simpler to bring tariff 1 down to £3.10 & take tariff 2 up to £4.50?

I 98% support the proposed option . My only gripe is going back to small change whereas up until now we have worked to the nearest 10p, although this might be offset by the high volume of card payments I take.

Thanks for the information. I think it will be useful if you can round the price up or down to a round figure. I have spoken to the meter man and it would be best for him and us.


Officers acknowledge the practical difficulties outlined in the consultation responses and have provided options for the committee to consider based on rounding up and down from the 12.1% increase agreed at the last meeting.

The options for amendment are set out in full in Appendix B.



Three of the respondents made reference to a desire for the increase in the South Hams tariff being equal to that implemented in Torquay.




We as taxis companies would like are increase to be the same as Torbay how as had a 20% increase.


But I still believe we should be on par with Torbay. We breathe the same air drive the same roads.

Officers have reviewed the recent fare increase in the Torbay and can confirm that the increase is 9% on the standard tariff and 11% on tariff 2. Officers therefore believe that the options for tariff amendment presented in Appendix B represent a comparable percentage increase.

Two respondents made a comment about tariff 3 (8-seater vehicles rate) being less than tariff 2 (bank holiday and post 7pm rate)



Thanks for this, only one query really why is tariff 3 less than tariff 2 (not that it involves me as I only have a six passenger taxi)?


Also just realised T3 between 11pm and 7am for a 7-8 seater vehicle is cheaper than T2 ?

Following the committee meeting on 31st March, an email was sent to all taxi licence holders notifying them of the forthcoming 14-day consultation period, and providing them with an advance copy of the proposed fare table being consulted upon. Unfortunately, there was an error in the fare table sent in that email which showed tariff 3 to be a lower price than tariff 2.


Officers responded to this when it was pointed out, and resent the email with the correct fare table. The correct fare table was published formally as part of the consultation (tariff 2 and 3 equal).


The proposals for consideration in Appendix B all involve equal increases in tariff 2 and 3 respectively.