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Thursday, 14th July, 2022


2.00 pm


Council Chamber - Follaton House


Full Members:


Cllr Austen


Vice Chairman

Cllr Taylor




Cllr Abbott

Cllr Baldry

Cllr Bastone

Cllr Birch

Cllr Brazil

Cllr Brown

Cllr Chown

Cllr Foss

Cllr Hawkins

Cllr Hodgson

Cllr Holway

Cllr Hopwood

Cllr Jackson

Cllr Jones

Cllr Kemp


Cllr Long

Cllr McKay

Cllr O'Callaghan

Cllr Pannell

Cllr Pearce

Cllr Pennington

Cllr Pringle

Cllr Reeve

Cllr Rose

Cllr Rowe

Cllr Smerdon

Cllr Spencer

Cllr Sweett

Cllr Thomas



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to approve as a true and correct record the minutes of the annual meeting of the Council held on 19 May 2022 and the special meeting of the Council held on 8 June 2022;





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the Chairman to announce if any item not on the agenda should be considered on the basis that he considers it as a matter of urgency (any such item to be dealt with under ‘Business Brought forward by the Chairman’);





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to consider whether the consideration of any item of business would be likely to disclose exempt information and if so the category of such exempt information;





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In accordance with the Code of Conduct, Members are invited to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests, Other Registerable Interests and Non-Registerable Interests including the nature and extent of such interests they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting;





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to receive and as may be necessary approve the minutes and recommendations of the under-mentioned Bodies


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Development Management Committee - 25 May 2022     to follow






Executive * - 26 May 2022


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Development Management Committee - 1 June 2022        to follow






Licensing Committee - 8 June 2022                                         to follow






Executive * - 7 July 2022                           to follow









Public Question Time


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to consider the following question(s) (if any)  received in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 8.


a.    From Cllr Birch to Cllr Pearce (Leader of the Council):


The Executive report of 2 December 2021 on the formation of the Waste Working Group stated at 3.5 that the WWG “will consider options and formulate its recommendations which will be reported back to the Executive”. 


Why has this not occurred?’


b.  From Cllr Birch to Cllr Pearce (Leader of the Council)


At the recent Full Council meeting FCC stated on several occasions that it was unable to answer questions as it was “in discussions with the Council”.


1.       What is the purpose of the discussions?

2.       When will there be a report to Members on the discussions?’





Notice of Motion




to consider the following motions received (if any) in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 10.1


a.        From Cllr Bastone and Cllr Foss


Those of us concerned about the A379 at the Slapton Line, and with that we refer to the parishes between Dartmouth in the east and Kingsbridge in the west, have grave concerns regarding the Slapton Line Partnership, the lack of progress towards an alternative route and the complete lack of action of those authorities responsible for making the required progress.

However, many residents feel that a fundamental aim should be the retention of the A379 at Slapton Line for as long as is possible. At least until a suitable alternative road route is found for the affected communities.

We therefore move that the Council uses its voice and power to include the following in the aims of the Slapton Line Partnership:


3         Work to be undertaken to maximise the protection and retention of the A379 across the Slapton line at least until a suitable alternative road route is built to connect the affected communities and maintain the flow of vehicular traffic.


And that;

This Council supports the social and economic needs of the local communities affected by the maintenance of the Slapton Line, between Dartmouth in the east and Kingsbridge in the west, and insist that they must be balanced against and given equal weight to the environmental outcome stipulated, without any real public consultation, by the AONB and the unelected quangos such the Environment Agency and Natural England, unless and until a suitable road route behind the Ley between Strete and Torcross or Stokenham is properly sorted out by Devon County Council to allow the flow of vehicular traffic to continue if the vehicular route in front of the Ley is lost’.



b.        From Cllr Brazil and Cllr Baldry


This Council supports a pay increase of at least £2,000 for all our key workers.  This includes staff here at South Hams.


We call on the Local Government Association to make urgent representations to central government to fund the pay claims and write to the Chancellor and Secretary of State to call for a pay increase for public sector workers to be funded with new money from Central Government.’