Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Capital Budget Monitoring to June 2018 (quarter 1 position)18/05/2018For DeterminationNot before 13/09/2018
Revenue Budget Monitoring to June 2018 (quarter 1 position)18/05/2018For DeterminationNot before 13/09/2018
Write Off Report Quarter1 2018-1918/05/2018For DeterminationNot before 26/07/2018
Waste Procurement Update18/05/2018For DeterminationNot before 26/07/2018
Brixton Community Housing Scheme18/05/2018For DeterminationNot before 26/07/2018
Recruitment of additional Civil Enforcement Officers18/05/2018For DeterminationNot before 26/07/2018
Release of s106 Funds for Affordable Housing Projects18/05/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/06/2018
Recycling Facility at Torr Quarry18/05/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/06/2018
Write Off Report - Quarter 4 2017/1816/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 19/07/2018
Annual Treasury Management Report 2017/1816/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 19/07/2018
Commercial Investment to support Economic Activity16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/06/2018
Policy for Civil Penalties for breaches of Housing Standards Enforcement Notices16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 19/07/2018
CTR Draft Scheme16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 19/07/2018
Increasing Housing Supply Options16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 26/07/2018
Homeless Strategy Year 216/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/06/2018
Sherford Opporunities16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/06/2018
Transformation Programme Closedown16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/06/2018
GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018 Compliance16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/06/2018
Medium Term Financial Strategy for 2019/20 Onwards16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/06/2018
IT Procurement16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 13/09/2018
Discretionary Rate Relief16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/06/2018
Kingsbridge Masterplan16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/06/2018
Follaton HQ Review16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/06/2018
Procurement of the Waste Contract - Haulage16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 26/07/2018