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Planning Applications

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The Committee proceeded to consider the report that had been prepared by the relevant Development Management Specialists on each of the following Applications and considered also the comments of the Town and Parish Councils together with other representations received, which were listed within the presented agenda report and summarised below:


(a)    Application No: 3441/21/OPA         Ward: Bridestowe


Site Address: Astra Salvage Yard, Patchacott, Beaworthy


Development: Outline application with all matters reserved for development 17no holiday chalets and 1no reception building with associated car parking and amenities.



RECOMMENDATION: Conditional Consent




1.         Time limit for submitted RM

2.         Details of reserved matters

3.         Accord with plans

4.         Holiday use only

5.         Land contamination

6.         CEMP 

7.         No occupation before parking and turning areas provided and retained in perpetuity

8.         No occupation until Sustainable Travel Plan agreed and implemented

9.         Surface water drainage scheme to be agreed with or prior to reserved matters

10.      Foul sewage

11.      Highway drainage

12.      PD removal

13.      EVCPs

14.       Solar PV

15.      DEV32 compliance 20% carbon reduction

16.      Boundary treatment plan/schedule

17.      Tree reports for reserved matters

18.      LEMP/LVA

19.      Details of any exterior lighting

20.      Landscaping (soft/hard)

21.      Waste

22.      Raw materials


   Key issues for consideration:

 Principle/Sustainable Development;



 Impacts on residential and third party amenity;

 Historic Environment;

Highways, Access and Parking Considerations;

Water, Flood Risk and Drainage Considerations;


The Climate Emergency and Low-Carbon Development;

Land Contamination and Environmental Health.


Speakers who addressed the Committee on the application were:


          Objector: Mr Steve Hiller

          Supporter:  Mr Callum Allen

          Beaworthy Parish Council: Statement read out on their behalf


The Planning Officer updated the Committee Members by confirming that since the report had been written he had received confirmation that Historic England had raised no objections to the application. He then presented his report to the Committee.


Mr Hiller spoke on behalf of those in the local community who were against the development. He spoke of concerns over flooding, plans not allowing for dog proof fencing and the highway leading to the site being of a single track road.


Mr Allen spoke in support of the application being the owner of the site. He stated that he would run the site alongside 4 other holiday units he  runs.


In answering Member questions, he confirmed the facility would be a destination holiday resort and units would not be sold off as holiday homes.



During debate the Planning Officer confirmed that the drainage test results had been reviewed by the local flood authority and they were content with the results. He explained should the application be approved the siting of the cabins could change at Reserved Matters stage. The Head of Planning clarified that the extant position was for B1 and B2 classification and not just for timber manufacturing. The use of installing fencing to secure people within the site rather than stock proofing to stop livestock coming in was discussed.


One Member suggested the owner should be asked to upgrade the WiFi and secure broadband for the site and for local residents. The Monitoring Officer responded stating it could not be a condition as there was no policy for such a condition within the adopted Joint Local Plan. Some Members felt that holiday makers would use a car more than they would to cycle from the site or walk to catch a bus at the end of the lane siting the A3079 as a busy main route.


A Member asked the Committee to think carefully on their decision given the extant position and how an Inspector would view the decision should it go to appeal.


Accordingly, after discussion and debate it was proposed and seconded and


         Resolved that:


The application be granted with Conditional Consent with the addition of two conditions;  boundary treatments installed prior to occupation; and

for no one group to be in occupancy for longer that a 6 week period.



Supporting documents: