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Planning Applications

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The Committee considered the details of the planning applications prepared by the Planning Case Officers as presented in the agenda papers, and considered also the comments of Town and Parish Councils together with other representations received, which were listed within the presented agenda reports, and RESOLVED that:



4323/17/FUL:       The Crab Pot, Beesands, Stokenham

Parish:  Stokenham


Demolition of existing building and construction of a two bedroom house


Case Officer Update:             None


Speakers included:                None



Recommendation:                Conditional Approval


Committee Decision:           Defer to Site Inspection





1303/18/OPA       Land adjacent to New Park Road, Lee Mill

Parish:  Sparkwell


Outline application with all matters reserved except for access, for residential development of up to 110 dwellings with open space, landscaping, allotments, drainage infrastructure, estate roads and associated development


Case Officer Update:             Condition 12 was to be amended to reflect the recommendation from Devon County Council and an additional condition was to be added that would ensure suitable means of surface water management.


Speakers included:                 Objector – Mrs Lesley Hughes; Parish Council representative – Cllr Julian Taylor; local Ward Members – Cllrs Blackler and Baldry


Recommendation:                Conditional Approval


During discussion, Members noted the lack of infrastructure and that currently residents in Lee Mill had to travel to Ivybridge for facilities.  Members also noted the lack of a village centre, and that the situation may seem to be exacerbated by the new development.  As a result, it was PROPOSED, SECONDED and on being put to the vote declared CARRIED, that the application be deferred to enable dialogue with the applicant to see if issues around social inclusion and facilities for the village could be improved.


Committee Decision:           Deferral





0429/18/FUL       Land at Sx 777426, Frogmore

Parish:  Frogmore & Sherford



Erection of agricultural storage/transfer building with associated access road and landscaping


Case Officer Update:             The


Speakers included:                 Objector – Mr Kevin Moore:  Supporter – Mr Edward Perraton: Parish Council representative – Cllr Peter Hadley; local Ward Member – Cllr Foss



Recommendation:                Conditional Approval


During debate, Members noted the proximity of the proposal to neighbouring residential properties, and the resulting impact that the proposal would have. Whilst the reason for the position was explained by the applicant and was included in the case officer report, Members felt that the position of the proposal was insensitive to residents.


Committee Decision:            Refusal



Unacceptable effect on amenity of neighbouring buildings

Loss of light

Negative visual impact across the site

Negative impact of landscape mitigation




1501/18/OPA       Houndall Barn, Sparkwell

Parish:  Sparkwell


Outline application with all matters reserved for the erection of one dwelling                       


Speakers included:                 Supporter – Mr James Wells:  Parish Council representative – Cllr Julian Taylor; local Ward Member – Cllr Baldry



Recommendation:                Refusal


Committee Decision:            Refusal




1708/18/NMM     Cott Farm Barn, Dittisham

Parish:  Dittisham


Non Material Amendment of Planning Consent 18/1015/09/F (Reconfiguration of barn and provision of new windows)



Recommendation:                Grant of Non Material Amendment


Committee Decision:           Grant of Non Material Amendment




2381/18/TCA       St Marys Churchyard, High Street, Totnes

Parish:  Totnes


Trees T1 to T8 – Crown lift trees to 2m over gravestones and access path


Case Officer Update:             There was an omission in the report as it did not state that the site was assessed by the Specialist Place Making on 23 August 2018


Recommendation:                A TPO is not served and works are allowed


Committee Decision:           A TPO is not served and works are allowed

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