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South Hams Licensing Sub-Committee

This page lists the meetings for South Hams Licensing Sub-Committee.


Information about South Hams Licensing Sub-Committee

The Licensing Committee consists of twelve District Councillors, appointed annually by Full Council.


The Committee meets at least once a year but can meet more regularly if required.


The full list of functions and procedure rules for Licensing Committee can be found in Part 3b of the Constitution Delegation scheme (see Our Constitution). The main responsibility is to oversee the Council’s licensing functions. They determine whether to grant or refuse licences for alcohol, premises, Hackney carriage and private hire vehicles, street trading and zoos, among others.


Licensing Sub Committee


Meetings of the Licensing Sub Committee consist of any three members from the full Licensing Committee. They are arranged on an ad-hoc basis, as and when they are required, to determine licences for alcohol, entertainment and a whole host of other areas.