Agenda and minutes

West Devon Development Management and Licensing Committee
Tuesday, 23rd March, 2021 9.30 am

Venue: Teams Meeting

Contact: Kathy Hoare Senior Case Manager - Democratic Services 

No. Item

*DM&L .54

Apologies for Absence


*DM&L 54

There were no apologies forwarded to this Meeting.

*DM&L .55

Declarations of Interest

Members are invited to declare any personal or disclosable pecuniary interests, including the nature and extent of such interests they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting.


[If Councillors have any questions relating to predetermination, bias or interests in items on this Agenda, then please contact the Monitoring Officer in advance of the meeting]        




*DM&L 55

Members were invited to declare any interests in the items of business

to be considered and the following were made:

Cllr T G Pearce declared a personal interest in all applications by virtue of being a Member of the Devon Building Control Partnership and remained in the meeting and took part in the debate and vote thereon. Cllr P Crozier declared the applicant for application 0016/20/OPA was a resident in his Ward and was known to him but it would not affect his decision on the application.

*DM&L .56

Items Requiring Urgent Attention

To consider those items which, in the opinion of the Chairman, should be considered by the Meeting as matters of urgency (if any). 



*DM&L 56

There was no urgent business brought forward to this Meeting.

*DM&L .57

Confirmation of Minutes pdf icon PDF 75 KB

Meeting held on 16 February 2021


*DM&L 57

The Minutes of the Development Management and Licensing

Committee Meeting held on 16th February 2021 were confirmed as a correct record.

*DM&L .58

Planning Applications pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To see Letters of Representation and further supplementary information relating to any of the planning applications on the agenda, please select the following link and enter the relevant Reference number:



START 9.30 am



WARD NAME                                                  Bere Ferrers

APPLICATION NUMBER                                     3424/19/FUL                            

LOCATION                                                      "Field at Sx 453 669, Adjacent to Woolacombe Road", Bere Alston

DEVELOPMENT                                              READVERTISEMENT (Revised Plans Received) Application for 31no. new dwellings and associated access road and pedestrian




WARD NAME                                                  Tavistock North

APPLICATION NUMBER                                 2672/20/HHO

LOCATION                                                      31 Glanville Road, Tavistock

DEVELOPMENT                                              Householder application for proposed ground

floor extension to dwelling house and

                                                                        replacement garage roof




WARD NAME                                                  Milton Ford

APPLICATION NUMBER                                 0016/20/OPA                        

LOCATION                                                      Land to the rear of Edgcumbe Terrace,                                                                                  Edgecumbe Road, Milton Abbot

DEVELOPMENT                                              READVERTISEMENT (Revised plans received and amended development description) Outline application with all matters reserved except access and siting for the erection of 5 dwellings (Resubmission of 0889/19/OPA)


Additional documents:


*DM&L 58


The Committee proceeded to consider the application(s) that had been prepared by the Development Management Specialists and considered also the comments of the Town and Parish Councils together with other representations received, which were listed within the presented agenda report and summarised below, and RESOLVED that:


(a) Application No: 3424/19/FUL Ward: Bere Ferrers


Site Address: “Field at SX453 669, adjacent to Woolacombe

Road” Bere Alston.


Development: READVERTISEMENT (Revised plans received)

Application for 31no. new dwellings and associated access road and pedestrian link.


This application was deferred at the previous DM&L Committee in order to investigate the two junctions (Collytown Cross and the junction between The Down and the B3527). Other matters raised at that meeting including solar panels, road surfacing and lighting have been addressed.


The Planning Officer confirmed since the last meeting further letters of representation had been received, however they were regarding issues already raised.


Speakers included:

Objector – Mr Graham Reed

Parish Council Representative – Cllr R Musgrave


RECOMMENDATION: Delegate to Head of Practice Lead Development Management, in conjunction with Chairman to conditionally grant planning permission, subject to a Section 106 legal obligation, for the following contributions towards:


- DCC Education -£16,830.00 - OSSR: Off-site Play Contribution of

£20,073.60, towards improvements to, and on-going maintenance of, play facilities at the Recreation Ground and/or the Parish Hall and/or Underways at the discretion of the Council Off-site Sports Contribution of £25,835, towards improvements to, and on-going maintenance of, the changing rooms at the Recreation Field, static exercise equipment in the village of Bere Alston and improvements to the basketball area behind the village hall. - Affordable Housing - 9 units. Plots 13, 24 and 27 shared ownership and plots 25, 26, 28, 29,30 and 31 social rented units - Tamar Estuary Special Area of Conservation £14,597.73. - Movement of the 30 mph sign 70 metres to the south east of the site entrance. £5000.00 to carry out the TRO.


Conditions (list not in full)

1. Time limit

2. Accord with plans

3. Materials to be agreed before development proceeds beyond slab level.

4. Full details of the hard and soft landscaping of the public open space, including play equipment , fencing, surfacing, bins and benches.

5. Archaeological scheme of investigation

6. Unexpected contamination

7. No commencement until details of access road; ironwork; site compound

8. No occupation until cul de sac carriageway including turning head has been laid out and kerbed, drained and constructed; footways have been provided; visibility splays have been laid out; street lighting for the spine road has been erected where appropriate (based on ecology constraints) ; car parking has been completed.

9. Once constructed the carriageway, turning head, footways and footpaths shall be maintained.

10. No external lighting shall be erected on the site until the type, direction and lux level of that lighting being first submitted to and agreed by the Local Planning Authority.

11. Construction management plan

12. PD removal for sheds, hard surfaces, in the rear  ...  view the full minutes text for item *DM&L .58

*DM&L .59

Planning Appeals Update pdf icon PDF 65 KB


*DM&L 59

The Head of Development Management updated the Members on each of the outstanding planning appeals.

*DM&L .60

Planning Majors Report pdf icon PDF 198 KB


*DM&L 60

The Head of Development Management updated the Members on each of the undetermined Major applications.