Agenda and minutes

South Hams Salcombe Harbour Board
Monday, 20th February, 2017 2.30 pm

Venue: Quay House, Kingsbridge

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to approve as a correct record and authorise the Chairman to sign the minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 21 November 2016.



The minutes of the meeting of the Salcombe Harbour Board held on

21 November 2016 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.




Election of Vice Chairman



It was PROPOSED, SECONDED and duly CARRIED that Mr Hugh Marriage be elected Vice Chairman of Salcombe Harbour Board. 


The Chairman congratulated Mr Marriage and also took the opportunity to formally welcome Ms Ali Jones as a new Member of the Board.





Declarations of Interest

Members are invited to declare any personal or disclosable pecuniary interests, including the nature and extent of such interests, they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting





Members were invited to declare any interests in the items of business to be considered during the course of the meeting, and the following were made:


Cllrs Wingate and Wright and Ms Jones, Mr Mackley, Mr Marriage and Mr Taylor all declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in all related agenda items by virtue of having moorings or paying harbour dues to the Council.  As a result of the Solicitor granting each Board Member a dispensation, they were all able to take part in the debate and vote on any related matters (Minute SH.05/16 refers).  






Public Question Time

a period of up to 15 minutes is available to deal with questions from the public



In accordance with the Public Question Time procedure rules, Mr Peter Ralph addressed the Board and advised that he had been elected as the Chairman of Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club (KEBC).  The Board thanked Mr Ralph for attending, and confirmed the importance of a good relationship between KEBC and the Board.



Feedback from Harbour Community Forums

to receive verbal reports from Board Members who attend the Harbour Community Forums on behalf of the Board





The Board received verbal update reports from the Board Members who attended the Harbour Community Forums.  The updates were given as follows:


Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary Association (SKEA)

 No update was given.


Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary Conservation Forum (SKECF)

Mr Long advised that Dr Harling CBE had previously been the representative for this Forum and, as he already attended the SKECF meetings, he offered to take on the role of Board representative.  The Chairman agreed and thanked Mr Long.


South Devon & Channel Shellfishermen

The representative had given apologies for this meeting but another Board Member was able to update that the recent meetings with the Forum had been positive, largely thanks to the work of the Harbour Master.  The revised refuse arrangements were of particular note.


Kingsbridge and Salcombe Marine Business Forum

The representative suggested that, as Ms Jones was the Chairman of this Forum, she might like to take on the role of representative.  The Chairman then asked if an approach could be made to non-power boat users and businesses around the Harbour to ascertain if they felt that representation as a Forum would be of benefit. Otherwise, they could continue to be represented as part of the Business Forum.


The Chairman advised the Board that planning permission had recently been granted for light industrial units at Gould Road, Salcombe.  This matter had previously been discussed by the Board and, whilst they were pleased that the planning permission had been granted, Members wished to formally record their view of the importance of the units being reserved for marine industry use.   Board Members also noted that any consultation exercise in respect of design of that area should include local people and users.


Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club (KEBC)

The representative advised that the AGM had been held and the Harbour Master had attended.






Update on the LACC

- verbal update of the Group Manager Commercial Services



The Group Manager Commercial Services advised the Board that the recommendation of the Joint Steering Group (JSG) had been that the Council should not proceed with the LACC in its proposed form.  Whilst there were no technical issues to prevent proceeding, there were additional costs in the early years that were felt to be prohibitive. 


A Board Member who was a member of the JSG added that whilst the LACC may not have been the right solution, the budgetary constraints still existed and the JSG would continue to work to consider alternative options. 


Another Member noted surprise that the Harbour Board had been included in the LACC from the start, when Board Members had met with the JSG and requested a delay.  The JSG Member responded that the Harbour would have been included for modelling purposes, but no definite decision had been taken on when the Harbour Authority would have been incorporated into the LACC.





Revenue Budget Monitoring 2016/17 pdf icon PDF 66 KB

Additional documents:



A report was presented that enabled Members to monitor income and expenditure variations against the approved budget for 2016/17, and provided a forecast for the year end position.  The Harbour Master introduced the report and indicated the items of particular interest.


The Chairman again raised the matter of credit card charges and the Harbour Master advised that work was almost complete on being able to offer BACS payments.  The Board asked that this matter be updated at the next meeting of the Board.


Members were pleased to note the forecast surplus, and in terms of the modest amount, praised the accurate budget forecasting.  Finally, the Chairman asked if future reports could include up to date information on the amount held in reserves.       


It was then:     




That the forecast income and expenditure variations for the 2016/17 financial year and the overall projected underspend of £30,000 be noted.



Performance Indicators (Sep - Dec) pdf icon PDF 45 KB

Additional documents:




The Harbour Master presented a report that summarised Salcombe Harbour’s Performance Indicators (PIs) for the period 1 October 2016 to 31 December 2016.


He noted the position regarding waiting lists and how it demonstrated a strong demand.  There were no accidents or incidents to report during this timeframe.


It was then:




That the latest PIs be noted.



Report of the Harbour Master pdf icon PDF 48 KB



The Harbour Master presented a report on topical harbour issues that could be of interest to the Board or affected the Harbour. 


He further updated the position with regard to the Egremont and the investigations being undertaken in respect of alternatives for this year.  In discussing the Kingsbridge Salcombe Ferry, Members were clear that the Harbour Master should seek expressions of interest to ensure that a Ferry service did run this year. 


The Harbour Master provided the Board with clarity in respect of the Aquaculture proposal, and Members had differing views on potential harm or benefits of the scheme.  Members did agree however that all appropriate licences and permissions must be in place prior to any such scheme being trialled.


The Harbour Master then updated the Board on a matter of a boat that had broken free of its moorings.  Members had a brief discussion on the merits of imposing an inspection regime on private moorings and agreed that this subject should be discussed at a future workshop.


Finally, it was confirmed that the next Harbour Board meeting was scheduled for 10 July, 2017 and would take place after the Annual Inspection.  The following confirmed meeting date was 25 September 2017.


It was then:




That the report be noted.