West Devon Hub Committee


Minutes of a meeting of the West Devon Hub Committee held on

Tuesday, 12th July, 2022 at 2.00 pm at the Chamber - Kilworthy Park







Chairman Cllr Jory

Vice Chairman Cllr Edmonds


 Cllr Cheadle


Cllr Crozier

Cllr Leech


Cllr Mott

Cllr Vachon




In attendance:






 Cllr Daniel (via Teams)

Cllr Ewings (via Teams)

Cllr Heyworth

Cllr Pearce

Cllr Sellis (vis Teams)

Cllr Southcott (via Teams)

Cllr Wood (via Teams)

Cllr Yelland



Chief Executive

Deputy Chief Executive

S151 Officer

Director – Strategy and Governance

Director – Place and Enterprise

Monitoring Officer

Democratic Services Manager

Head of Environmental Health and Licensing

Head of Strategy and Projects (via Teams)

Senior Specialist – Place Making

Head of Waste and Environmental Services







20.                         Apologies for absence

*HC 20/22

Apologies for this meeting were received from Cllrs L Daniel (who was in attendance via Teams in a non-voting capacity) and B Ratcliffe




21.                         Declarations of Interest

*HC 21/22    

Members were invited to declare any interests in the items of business to be discussed but there were none made.






22.                         Items Requiring Urgent Attention

*HC 22/22    

The Leader informed the meeting that he had agreed for one item of urgent business to be raised at this meeting.  The item was titled ‘Waste and Recycling Services Contract Update’ and was considered urgent in light of the associated time constraints.


In light of the item being considered to be exempt in accordance with paragraph 3 of Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, it was the intention of the Leader to consider this matter at agenda item 11 (Minute HC.30/22 below refers).





23.                         Confirmation of Minutes

*HC 23/22    

The Minutes of the Hub Committee meeting held on 21 June 2022 were confirmed as a correct record.





24.                         Public Questions - a period of up to 15 minutes is available to deal with issues raised by the public

*HC 24/22    

It was noted that no Public Questions had been received in accordance with the Hub Committee Procedure Rules.





25.                         Hub Committee Forward Plan

*HC 25/22    

Members were presented with the latest version of the Hub Committee Forward Plan that set out items on the agenda for Hub Committee meetings for the next four months and duly noted its contents.





26.                         Update on Progress of Rural Health and Wellbeing Pilot

*HC 26/22    

Members were presented with a report that provided an update on the progress made with the Rural Health and Wellbeing Pilot 


In discussion, the following points were raised:


(a)  A Member felt the lack of cross reference in the published agenda report to the Council’s adopted Consultation and Engagement Strategy was unfortunate;


(b)  In congratulating officers on the quality of the ‘Cost of Living Public Information Leaflet’, it was agreed that the following means should be used to disseminate the document to residents:


-        Promotion via social media;

-        A supply of paper copies provided to all Members;

-        Paper copies being available at local events (e.g. Okehampton Show); and

-        A link sent to all Members, town and parish council clerks and other key stakeholders (to include local MPs) for onward circulation.


In addition, a request was made for the link to the source of the data that was highlighted in the leaflet to be circulated to all Members for their information;


(c)  A number of Members stated their support for their pilot initiative and their hope that its success would result in it being rolled out to more areas across the Borough.


It was then RESOLVED that:


1.  the approach adopted by the Pilot Project with the aim of improving health and wellbeing of residents be adopted; and


2.   the publicity campaign to raise awareness of and access to the support already available to residents impacted by the cost of living challenges be endorsed.





27.                         Housing Crisis - Development and Enabling

*HC 27/22    

Members considered a report that provided an update on the delivery work undertaken to date to tackle the Housing Crisis. The information provided included:


o    housing delivery by financial year from 2019;

o    projected delivery for 2022/23 and 2023/24;

o    response and customer access to the ‘Enhanced Tenants Incentive Scheme;

o    Disabled Adapted Panel; and

o    the financial contributions secured to enable affordable housing


In discussion, reference was made to:


a)    the affordable housing figures in the Dartmoor National Park Authority area.  When questioned, officers confirmed that the affordable housing figures quoted in the published agenda report did include those that were built in the Dartmoor National Park Authority area;


b)    the need of Livewest to reinvest in local rural communities.  In instances when the organisation was looking to dispose of affordable houses, Members recognised the importance of encouraging Livewest to reinvest in those affected local rural communities.  It was agreed that this matter would be followed-up by lead Members and officers outside of this Committee meeting.


It was then RESOLVED that the progress regarding affordable Housing Delivery be noted.





28.                         Q1 Plan for West Devon Progress Update - Integrated Performance Management Report 2022/23

*HC 28/22    

Members were presented with a report that provided an update on the progress made as at year two of the Thematic Delivery Plan


In discussion, assurances were provided by officers whereby the Plan for West Devon would both evolve and was sufficiently flexible to be able to cope with the unforeseen and often large parcels of work that occurred periodically.  For example, the Homes for Ukraine Scheme and the cost of living crisis which had resulted in officer resource having to be redeployed to support these pieces of work.


It was then RESOLVED that the progress made in delivering the Plan for West Devon Delivery Plans, be noted.





29.                         Exclusion of Public and Press

*HC 29/22    


It was then:




That in accordance with Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the public and press be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the following item of business as the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 3 of Schedule 12A to the Act is involved.





30.                         Urgent Business - Waste and Recycling Services Contract Update

HC 30/22                

As highlighted above (Minute HC 22/22 above refers),Members were in receipt of an urgent exempt report that provided an update on the status of the Waste and Recycling Services Contract.


Following a lengthy debate during which widespread support was expressed for the proposed way forward and the strictly confidential nature of the contents of the urgent report was reinforced, Members expressed a wish to re-admit the public and press to the meeting in advance of the vote on the motion being taken.


As a result, it was then:




That the public and press be re-admitted to the meeting.



It was then RESOLVED that:


1.   Council be RECOMMENDED to:


a) delegate authority to the Head of Paid Service (Chief Executive) and Director of Customer Services Delivery, in consultation with the Leader and Lead Member for waste and recycling services, to conclude subject to contract and without prejudice negotiations with the Council’s waste contractor, FCC Environment Limited (FCC), for the continuation of the waste collection, recycling and cleansing services should South Hams and FCC agree to a mutual partial termination with a further report being brought to Council before 3 October 2022 for Council to agree the final terms.


b) transfer the value of the 2021/22 deductions to the waste management earmarked reserve (as part of the closure of the 2021/22 accounts), to contribute to the new contracted costs as set out in section 5 of the presented report.


c)   increase the capital budget for Hayedown depot (statutory compulsory improvements), with the increase being financed from either the Waste Management Earmarked Reserve or internal borrowing as set out in Section 5 of the presented report.


d) approve a capital budget for a new vehicle as set out in Section 5 of the presented report, to be financed either from the Waste Management Earmarked Reserve or internal borrowing.


2.   it be noted that the Section 151 Officer will bring a further report to the Hub Committee in September 2022 on the updated ongoing revenue costs of delivering the service and the impact on the Council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy; and


3.   the intention for the Head of Paid Service to make any necessary organisational changes to the joint staffing structure, to recognise the changes in the provision of waste collection, recycling and cleansing services in the Councils be noted.











The Meeting concluded at 4.00 pm





Signed by: